Blessed Revelations has been a help to me in my time of need. I met Mrs.Humphrey in my time of homelessness at a local rescue mission. She assisted my son with tutoring needs and helped me with employment. She personally took me in her vehicle to get me "job ready" for my interview. I thank Blessed Revelations for all their help and support in my time of need. May God continue to Bless your hands as you continue to bring glory to his name.
                        -Tammy, Sept, 2016

Blessed Revelations

This is a well needed venture in Nashville and it surrounding areas. I know that it will be a blessing to those in need as well as those who are providing the needed services. I wish you GOD speed in this endeavor and I will pray GOD blessing up on it.
            -Shirley Thomas, Apr, 2011


I am so proud of you! I will be glad to give a donation.

        -Junenette Malone, Apr, 2011

"I was introduced to the blessed revelations thru metro social services. I was in a situtaion and the options i had was not the best. It was almost a instant getting into the program. I got help i needed and my son got help as well. Im very thankful for the time i had there.

                    -Elizabeth, Sept, 2017

Good job indeed. Where the Spirit of God dwells so does grace and mercy. love and peace, joy and victory. God has given you a ministry where "crazy faith" has to take place, so step out of the boat and keep your eyes on HIM.

                        -Bill Warr, Apr., 2011

So glad you contacted me! Please keep me in the loop about future events I would love to be involved!

                -Tawana Irvin, July, 2011

We Are Greatly Encouraged By Your Words

May God provide all you need

                  -Pam Jones, Feb, 2011

An AWESOME website for a GREAT cause.

-Dr. Louchrisa Ford High, Jan, 2011

Brenda, the website is absolutely awesome.  The site alone should bring about lots of good results.

                          -Marilyn, Jan, 2011